12012 Concert @ Anime USA 2010

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The air was thick with anticipation as the crowd filtered into the relatively small concert hall. While waiting for the concert to begin, chants of “12012” could be heard slipping from the lips of all around us. Our hearts beat wildly in our chests as the band began to step onto the stage. With an announcer egging on the cheers, everyone called out to the band they have waited to hear all weekend. As Toru, Tomo, Hiroaki, Yusuke, and Wataru made their ways onto the stage they left a trail of deafening screams in their wake. With the first strum of guitar strings, the mood was established. The room had erupted with the sounds of music, screams and heavy breathing. This continued till the vocalist, Wataru, introduced himself and the band to the many screaming fans in their audience. It was obvious that no introduction was needed however, for each member of the audience danced and head banged in unison to each song the band presented them with. With each song that passed, the excitement within the crowd grew reaching one of its most thrilling moments when the song “Cyclone” began to play. Never before have I seen an audience so passionate about a song, every person was singing their hearts out along with band on stage. From “Cyclone” on, the band and audience truly became in sync. As rapid guitar riffs faded out, the audience began to realize that their moments of bliss were soon coming to an end. Never had one hour felt so amazingly long and yet so incredibly short. When the band stepped off the stage Yusuke bid his fans farewell in a very calm, voice stating, “I want to fuck you”. The screams that echoed throughout the small hall after that could be heard by many who resided on the bottom and first floors of the convention center. When things finally died down a bit, the announcer approached us all once more, encouraging us to chant their name once again. The encore cheers of “12012” soon changed to shouts of the words “ROAST BEEF” however, soon confusing the announcer who stood before us. We couldn’t help but laugh for “Roast Beef “, happened to be the running theme for 12012’s convention experience thanks to guitarist Yusuke’s very memorable contributions to their Q and A panel. With a translator splitting at the seams with laughter, and the chants only increasing, the band soon found themselves stepping back on the stage, smiles gracing their faces. The encore was like a new beast entirely. The music felt louder, the crowd rocked harder, the floor shook beneath our feet, as we prayed for the songs to never end. As the last lyrics of “Usubeni to Ame” rang through the room, as the last sounds of instruments faded into the night, the band bid us all farewell and thanked us graciously for our attendance. 12012’s concert at AUSA has been one of the most thrilling concerts I’ve experienced to date. The band really knows how to pump up their audience and really bring the room to life with their music. This concert served as a perfect ending to an otherwise very entertaining convention weekend.

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