A Snap Shot From An Otaku At Otakon 2012

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This past July, I [Sunny Sprocket] had the pleasure of going to OTAKON 2012, a Japanese anime convention held every year at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland. OTAKON is one of the largest anime conventions on the east coast bringing in more than thirty thousand attendees (called otaku) this year alone. The convention spans three days (Friday-Sunday), lasting from early in the morning to the wee hours of the night.

This year, instead of trying to hunt down famous voice actors or musicians to interview, I went out into the crowds of Otaku to get their input on conventions. On Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting fellow Anime fan Zachary A. Ginsberg while waiting in line to go see ‘Super Art Fight’. After listening to him and his friend have fun with people dressed in red, calling themselves Carmen San Diego, a character from a 1990’s children’s detective show, I wasted no time in starting our conversation with questions about his life as a fellow otaku.


Sunny: How long have you been coming to anime conventions?

Zachary: This was my fifth year going to conventions.


Sunny: What is it about them [Conventions] that makes you so interested in coming?

Zachary: I judge whether I should go to another convention based on if I enjoy the last one I went to.


Sunny: What were your most awesome con moments?

Zachary: I always enjoy the fact that each year I’ve made new lasting friends.


Sunny: When you cosplay, is there anything special that you look for in the character?

Zachary: I always think cosplay is 50% outfit and 50% being the character. You can lack on one as long as you make up for the other. But being an out of character cosplayer is a bit dull.


Sunny: Is there any advice you can give future con goers who don‘t know what to expect?

Zachary: Advice? Have fun! Don’t worry about going to panels or workshops or such, just have fun and do what you want to do.


Spoken like a true Otaku short and sweet. Hope to see him as well as a lot of new faces next year.



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