A Special Thanks to P-Chan

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Most of you who follow us here at The Ninja Legion knows that I have been awfully busy and my life has had some changes over the last few months. Lately, it has become over whelming in some areas with the news of losing my day job here in a few months. Moving from one house and preparing the other house. Starting my own company and getting it off the ground. It being Prime time convention season for The Ninja Legion. Things are just crazy, but that is why I have taken some time out to express my undying gratitude to P-Chan for stepping in (more like jumping in, head first) to help me out in running the show. Running the show and being on air is not easy by far. I commend him for just going for it. He has saved me many of times during this summer, and I appreciate it greatly.

I know P-Chan has a couple of projects of his own that are underway. I know some of you are aware of it already but most might not be. P-Chan has another group that he runs called Beers For Thought: An Inebriated Perspective!. I believe they are getting ready to start that podcast here soon. Do not forget to check out the Rogue Squadron episodes of TNL. So if you could show him some love and says thanks P-Chan for filling in when Cecil is slacking. I would greatly appreciate it. P-Chan’s Facebook Page

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