About Us

About the Ninja Legion

The Ninja Legion is a group of fans dedicated to sharing the voice of Nerdom. We cover various conventions as well as concerts, cultural festivals and any other events tied to world of Nerdom. Whether its Anime, Video Games, Comic Books, Science Fiction or beyond; all over the world. That we may bring others the latest and greatest in pertaining to the on-goings in the Nerdom world. We freely speak our minds and give honest opinions of everything we take in. Our motto is “For the fans by the fans” and we want the true voice to be heard, so no corporate agendas or paid endorsements. We do a live show every Sunday from 8pm to 10pm and encourage other fans to join us on our live chat. So speak out, have your voice be heard and tell us what you want to hear from us.

History: The Ninja Legion originally began as the Anime Radio Show in 2006 on 91.1 WHFC. The first hosts were General, Takeshi and K. Several other host cycled through the ARS until Sciguy and later Lady Une. In 2008 the ARS left terrestrial radio and Sciguy left the group. Some time went by and in 2009 The Ninja Legion as it is now was born with the addition of Cecil Blade and Spider. We began doing pod-casts together and stepping up our press coverage until The Otakast Radio Network invited us to join them and we began doing live shows again via Blog Talk Radio. The General left the show in late 2009 to pursue other interests naming Cecil Blade his successor. Since the beginning of the year Lady Une has also left The Ninja Legion leaving Cecil and Spider to continue The Legion’s legacy. At this time Pincer joined The Ninja Legion as Panels Programming Adviser. Shorty afterwards GrimSprite joined us for a short while as our female host and The Ninja Legion started to run entertainment panels & game shows for conventions. Cross and P-Chan joined The Ninja Legion team as Photographer/Head of PR and Head Writer prospectively. During this time, The Ninja Legion left the Pod-casting community BlogTalkRadio in favor of hosting the show itself, although it still remains a strong part of the Otakast Radio Network. In December 2010, Alora Phacia replaced GrimSprite’s spot for the show as Co-host and took on the role of Guest Relations Officer. In late June 2011 long time host Spider left the show to pursue his goals. P-Chan took on the additional role of Co-host shorty after Spider’s departing. Miss Marvel filled the role as Head Editor for The Ninja Legion in July 2011. The Ninja Legion continues to grow today and expand on its unique programming.

Fa’Q Section

Q) Will Cecil ever a full head of hair?
A) Never: the sun’s flame would extinguish.


Q) Can Alora kick Cecil’s ass?
A) See “Fail Whale”.


Q) What are P-Chan’s race powers other than natural camouflage at night?
A) A sixth sense warning him of impending danger, increased vertical leap, and the ability to keep tempo.


Q) What does Rusty do at the Ninja Legion?
A) That’s a good question. No one really knows…


Q) Why is there a pirate in the Ninja Legion?
A) Affirmative Action.


Q) How do you become a member of the Ninja Legion?
A) A coordinated effort.


Q) What is a Coordinated Effort?
A) Christmas for your hoo-ha and everyone is invited.


Q) Will P-Chan ever get the E-Mail right during the live show?
A) No.


Q) How does the Ninja Legion feel about One Piece?
A) We all hate it the way fat people hate exercise.


Q) Why is Shadowskill the number one word on your website?
A) We hate it even more than One Piece.


Q) How many swings, with the Fail Whale, does it take to knock Cecil unconscious?
A) Trick question. The mere threat of the Fail Whale cause psychological trauma strong enough to make him pass out.


Q) How much rape is Alora capable of?
A) How many followers does Jesus have?


Q) Will Pincer be using ether on con-goers?
A) Not all of them.


Q) When will there be a webcam in the studio?
A) Funny story…


Q) How did you, The Ninja Legion, get their names?
A) Cecil’s name came from a character from Final Fantasy,


Q) Is there a specific genre you refuse to speak about?
A) Yoai and Yuri


Q) In what direction is the Ninja Legion heading?
A) Balls.


Q) When is the Bradzooka used?
A) When the conversation has gotten so far off track that something needs to explode.


Q) Does the “p” in P-Chan stand for penis?
A) What do you think?