AUSA 2010 Opening Ceremonies

Tony Testerman 2010 Leave a Comment

As per the convention norm, bad comedy was on the menu for the opening. It seems that schedule panning for Events was not looked at too carefully, evident in the fact that the opening ceremonies started at 4:15 as opposed to 4:00. The band playing in the next room was yet more evidence of this oversight. Con chair announced that Mike Centralnickalous would be joining Anime USA that weekend brought to us by Katsucon. The 12012 opening speech was brief but sufficed in getting the crowd amped. Echostream had a short intro as opposed to The Clockwork Dolls lengthier opening. Takuya Angel was poorly introduced by Rodger of Tainted Reality. They hardly let the poor man speak. The risky venture that is Anime Burlesque had a Q&A style intro in which they announced that they would be doing two shows. Guest announcements followed thereafter with special interviewer Disorganization XIII. Cupcake Cosplay were quite entertaining with their harassment of the judges and interviewees. Meghan Murphy of “Kawaii Not” was present. Heidi Arnold, an artist that has done work on Star Trek and Fraggle rock, was also announced. Steve Napierski, a web comic artist, Monica Gallagher, comic creator, artist, and Roller Derby Enthusiast were both present. 2WC Online web comic guys had an amusing into. Dave Listener was joined by his daughter for his introduction and also announced a forthcoming Nintendo DS game coming in March.

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