Anime USA 2011 at a Glance

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No convention is too big for the Ninja Legion and, this past weekend at AUSA in the Crystal City Hyatt, we proved just that. This time around though, the Ninja Legion didn’t merely do press coverage for events but were some of the main events. With hilarious and intriguing panels like Otaku Throwdown (our own category game show), The League of Dirty Old Men (A panel of perverted debauchery), Cosplay Battle Royale (read: Cosplayers playing live action Final Fantasy Tactics), Otaku Wanderer (an anime trivia game), Cosplay Rap Battles (anime and rap. Nuff said), After the Kill (the TNL crew with no filter), we brought down the house!

Along with our press and panel work we welcomed two new members into our fold. Along with helping with panel set up and extra press coverage we welcomed Rusty and Lyoko. Along with joining us, AUA also happened to be their first convention ever! So, to celebrate the momentous event I, the dark and enigmatic P-Chan, interviewed them to see just what they thought about the strange world of the convention circuit!

What is your first impression of AUSA?

Lyoko- It’s a bit frightening actually. Its a culture shock with the cosplaying, music, and constant activity. I do like the friendly atmosphere and the sense of camaraderie.

Rusty- Friendly? Yes. It’s a lot of people helping people. Its like high school without bullies and jocks


Was there anything specific you wanted to do here at AUSA?

Lyoko- Not really. I just wanted a new experience and to get out of my comfort zone

Rusty- Just to be there for the Ninja Legion. I did want to see what they had at the Dealer’s Corner. That stuff is always really cool!


Was there anything you have experienced that you didn’t like?

Lyoko- The Blood concert. It was…disturbing.

Rusty- Blood and Tainted Reality. Roger’s actions during both concerts was rude and inconsiderate to all the Press coverage.


Was there anything you saw at AUSA that you are going to look up later?

Lyoko- The Rave!I loved the music and the atmosphere. I will be looking up the artsits and the playlists.

Rusty- The anime City Hunter and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. They both look amazing.


Of all the TNL panels, what was your favorite?

Lyoko- Not really. Not yet.

Rusty- The League of Dirty Old Men. Its always hilarious!


What swag did you pick up at AUSA?

Rusty- Knives. The artwork I wanted to buy was already sold but there was a really good blades dealer.


Any cosplays that really impressed you?

Rusty- I saw an Ezio (Assassin’s Creed Revelations. It was intricate and detailed like it was in the video game. Oh! There was a really good Jack Skelington and Darth Vader

Lyoko- Yeah! There was an excellent Vash The Stampede with a real leather coat and a Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII.


How do you like the Venue (Crystal City Hyatt)?

Lyoko- It’s okay but the Hyatt wasn’t exactly accommodating. But it does look nice.

Rusty- Um, the hotel is swell but all together, not too accommodating to The Ninja Legion.


Of all the panels at AUSA that you did see, was there any you would like to see next year?

Lyoko- More screenings of new or upcoming anime maybe?

Rusty- How to use the Japanese weapons you buy at the con. That would be cool!


Of Everything you saw in the Dealers Room, what didn’t you see that you would have liked to?

Lyoko- A bigger variety of video games. More updated  and current titles would have been cool.

Rusty Same as Lyoko. Anything on a console made in the last ten years would have been nice!


We’re all excited here at the Ninja Legion to welcome our two new ninja’s and hopefully there will be more to follow. Two new converts to the way of the Shinobi and a convention well executed. Mission complete!

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