Disclosure, Policies & Studio Updates

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Disclosures, Policies and Studio It has been far to long since I have posted any update to the site and the current state of affairs with The Ninja Legion. As some of you have already noticed, the original show is no longer available, however each of us has spun off individualized shows that can now be viewed or listened to. The old shows can still be found via our archive podcast.

We are all excited to bring you these new shows. First I will introduced Alora’s new show called Enchanting Assassin’s Cosplayers or the EAC for short. Alora is joined by Sunny Sprocket on the show, on Sundays and on the Vidcast. If the title didn’t give it away, they cover the Cosplay universe and the Nerdom world from the woman’s view point.

Now you all have been exposed to a version of this next show, prior to us going off the air in August of 2012. Rouge Squadron, now known as The Last Ronin, is the guys getting together and giving you all the inner workings of whats going on in the industry. P-Chan is joined by Torch, The Captain, Muddled D, & Huxtable on the show Sunday evenings. They also, give that critical male’s point of view, which you should keep in mind, for I think this might stir up some interesting counters/retorts on the EAC show.

The third show is still in the works, by yours truly. The show is simply entitled Versus for now. Which will feature some special guest and maybe an old show host. The premises of this show is to have a selected topic and have Host and guest be either defending it or against it. Should be rather interesting.

The shows are now setup to rotate on Sundays from here on out. We urge all of our listeners to check out our calendar weekly to check show lineups. Although, we try to do our best to keep on an constant schedule, there are times that we need to make last minute changes. We apologize in advance for this.

The studio has been completely re-designed with all new layout and technology. If you have not done so, please check out the pictures of the studio build via our Facebook Page. Some of the new features in the studio is that we now have the capability to take live phone calls. We will be publishing the ways to contact in the weeks to come, so just hold your horses. We have also upgraded the way we do music, but with that comes a new section to The Ninja Legion called our Disclosures and Policies page. We legally have to post this by US federal law. If you have any questions or concerns with our policies, please contact us. We can also now stream multiple cameras during the live show and bring greatly audio clarity to the shows with the soundproofing and more microphones. Although the first few shows will be a bit rough while we dial in all this new tech.

Last thing, I swear. The Ninja Legion is no longer focus on the Otaku World. Since the advent of The Ninja Legion way back in 2006, the world of the isolated Otaku has broken its shell and started its merge with the rest of the nerd world. Thus, we have all come to the conclusion that we will now be covering the world of Nerdom as a whole, since everything is starting to cross over to every aspect of the nerd world. Don’t worry, we will still very much be covering whats going on in the Otaku world, it just makes it easier to bring you, the listener, to new horizons of the nerd world.

Until next time, my friends.


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