Disclosure and Policies

DisclosureHere you will find the disclosures and policies that The Ninja Legion adheres by.  If you feel that the following disclosures and/or policies do not cover certain areas and aspects of The Ninja Legion or you would like more details entailing of each disclosure and policy.  We encourage you to reach out to us via our Contact Us page.

These disclosures and policies are met to protect not only The Ninja Legion, but the Artists, Companies, Bands, Groups, Clubs, Organizations, Individuals, etc. that associate with The Ninja Legion.  Please helps us respect others rights by following our policies.

Music and Featured Content

The Ninja Legion plays music on its podcast shows during breaks.  The music in which is selected has been, to the best of The Ninja Legion’s knowledge, outside of US copyright laws.  Although we do have a number of artist that have given their consent to play their music on our show and a list of artist can be found here.  At anytime, and copyright holder can request that we stop playing their content, even if they do not hold a US copyright, as long as they hold a copyright from the country of origin.  The Ninja Legion does ask that a request like this be allowed 4 to 6 weeks to be processed.

The Ninja Legion will sometimes feature content such as, but not limited to pictures, sound clips, video, verbiage, quotes, and other media types from individuals, groups, or companies. The Ninja Legion uses these as a reference points on reviews, posts, topics, and discussions.  These are only used as references and is not intended to be plagiarism or theft.

Products and Affiliates

The Federal Trade Commission requires that we disclose any relationship The Ninja Legion has between a product manufacturer or service provider when we write about a product or service. According to the FTC Guidelines that go into effect on December 1, 2009, The Ninja Legion would like to state that the Amazon, Right Stuf! and Ads shown on this site provide affiliate revenue to The Ninja Legion as the site owner. If The Ninja Legion creates a link to a product or service in a review, sometimes The Ninja Legion may get paid a commission if you purchase the product or service. These links are included after posts are written, and posts are never composed for the purpose of including advertising.

The Ninja Legion is also a active member within the industry that which we operate in and occasionally receive samples of products and services through their company/affiliate programs. The Ninja Legion will mention the products/services that was given when the review is posted, but The Ninja Legion is never paid to do a review. The Ninja Legion never accepts money or any other monetize value to review a product, or service.

No advertiser will ever influence the content, topics or posts made on this website.

Special Thanks

Thanks to the Sharon Mostyn & Affiliate Marketing Blog by Shawn Collins for the idea and verbiage for ‘Products and Affiliates’ section of this page.

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