Game Show: Cosplay Rap Battles

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The Ninja Legion presents Cosplay Rap Battles.  Where fellow Cosplayers are pitted against each other in a traditional rap battle.  The objective is to have cosplay contestants dress as their favorite character and battle against another cosplayer.  They can only use facts about the each others Cosplay characters and are judged by the audience and host(s).  The Game Show is run in a single elimination style.  Prizes are awarded to the top 3 contestants.


  • Players must represent an original version of a specific character. This means no combining, no tweaking, no manga versions, etc. Judging is at the Game Show coordinators discretion.
  • Each Battle runs roughly 2:00 minutes.
  • All characters MUST be PG-13.
  • No derogatory remarks  **host will judge if a remark is consider inappropriate**
  • No excessive swearing   **Only applies to 18+ mode**
  • All raps must be improv, no pre-written material.
  • No reusing / recycling of lines whether your own or not.


  • Anime USA 2011 – Saturday night @ 1am


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