Game Show: It’s A Trap

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The Ninja Legion presents the It’s A Trap a game show dedicated to the art of detection, avoidance and survival. At It’s A Trap we take the time to educate you on the various types of traps that you will likely encounter at a convention or even in your daily life. The knowledge you learn will be put to the ultimate test, will you succeed in identifying the trap, or prove in front of everyone just how screwed you really are. Because its not a matter of if, its just a matter of when…


  • After making your decision you will be given one chance to declare if it is your final answer.
  • Answers must be given in 20 seconds.


  • This is a +18 panel due to language and content.


  • Anime USA 2011 – Saturday Late Night @ 4am
  • Anime USA 2009

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