Game Show: Otaku Wanderer

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The Ninja Legion presents Otaku Wanderer. Ever Questioned your fellow Otaku’s knowledge? Well we pit Otaku’s knowledge of each other in Otaku Wanderer. The Ninja Legion crew goes around the first day of the convention to video interview people and test their knowledge of the Otaku World. The contestants will then have to guess whether the Otaku being interviewed has the right answer or the wrong answer, and will be ask if they know the answer to the question.


  • Contestants must answer both the yes/no question and the actual answer to the question that was asked.
  • Point are awarded to contestants depending on their answers. Contestants with the most points at the end of the game, will win the match.
  • In the event of a points tie, the contestants with the tie will go to a Sudden Death Question, switch they must answer everything correctly.


  • Anime USA 2011 – Saturday Evening @ 10pm
  • Anime USA 2010

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