Game Show: Ramen Pong

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The Ninja Legion presents Ramen Pong. In this competition, players compete in a bracket tournament style; consisting of two players teams to get the top prize. We welcome you to compete or watch the blazing final rounds.

The Rules

– Players need to stand a minimum of 3 feet from the table. Hands cannot break the ‘plain’ of the table when throwing the ball.
– Players are permitted to block the shot, only after it has bounced off the table first.
– If a player knocks over a cup with their hand for any reason the team is eliminated.
– If a team eliminates another via last cup, the losing team will have a chance for a rebutal. In which each player from the team will get one shot each, unless they make the shot then they can continue to shot until they miss.
– If the game ends in a tie, one member from each team will be selected and will play a one cup sudden death match.
– In the event that a team is able to land both ping pong balls into a single cup before it is removed from play, the match is won instantly and that team moves up in the bracket.

***Game Play***

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