h.NAOTO fashion show @ Otakon 2010

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As I said during last week’s show, this fashion show was amazing. h.NAOTO’s brands are very well known in the Japanese fashion world, and very quickly becoming an international name. Those familiar with his brands were extremely excited to see this show, and he did not disappoint. By the time I reached the line (which was about 9am), it was already three rows deep. But, thankfully, when the doors opened at 10am, I was able to get a seat right at the end of the row, next to the runway, right behind the VIP section. We were instantly greeted with a compliation footage from h.NAOTO’s previous fashion shows from all over the world. Soon after the video ended, h.NAOTO’s manager/translator came up onto the runway and told us at the beginning that we would be able to take as many pictures and videos as we wanted… and I did just that!

The models were actual con-goers that were chosen from at least 60 applicants that sumbitted their pictures by mid-May. The selected models were able to meet the h.NAOTO and received an exclusive t-shirt designed by him. Girls of all shapes and sizes, 18 years of age and over were encouraged to apply to be in this notable fashion show. Out of these 60+ applicants, only 10 were selected.

h.NAOTO displayed a few pieces from each branch of his brand. I believe Die, Jelly, Heaven, Blood, and Anarchy (just to name a few) were shown on the models as they slowly walked to the eerie gothic music that blared from the speakers. From the moment they walked up the steps, they would walk over, pose at the end of the stand in front of me, walk to the other side and pose, then take a walk down the runway, stopping in the middle and end of the runway to pose.  All of the poses gave everyone a chance to grab the perfect shot of the clothing.

Yes, the models were definitely amateurs, but that is what made the show an unique experience for all of its attendees. I did not hesitate in going to this show, and if h.NAOTO ever has another show in the area, I will not hesitate to go.

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