King of Gamers Tournament 2011: At A Glance

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King of Gamers was a tournament held at the Baltimore Convention center on September 10, 2011. The main part of the tournament was Call of Duty: Black Ops and Angry Birds. They had a huge room filled with video games, a stage, and even vendors that included Collector’s Corner, Clear, Chuck’s Comics, and They had two guest playing music. Dj Cutman played the entire time while everyone shopped and played games.  Machines of Living Death took to the stage later in the day to blast out their heavy metal. For the most part, I just enjoyed playing the different variety of games. I was more excited to see the angry birds tournament than anything else. But, for the longest time I didn’t actually know when the tournament was going on. I found out later that it was being held outside, in a trailer. With such a big room, I thought the tournament would have been in the main hall not outside. The angry birds tournament started at level 1 and went with a time limit, whomever got the highest score wins. But I never got to see it, because it was done on ipad. For a first run, I thought they did really well. The call of duty tournament was exactly what I thought it would be, kids of duty. The oldest person playing was probably 29. I will be looking forward to next year, cause I know the issues they had will be fixed next time.


Video Games:

God of War: Origins Collection
Street Fighter 3 Third Strike
Mario Sports Mix
El Shaddai
Mortal Kombat
Resistance 3
Madden 2012
Deus Ex
Dead Island
Skate 3
Geometry Wars
Rise of Nightmare
Marvel Vs Capcom 3
Scott Pilgrim

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