Nergasims with Nobuo Uematsu

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One thing everyone knows about me is that I worship the ground Nobuo Uematsu walks on. He’s an inspiration to all and has changed my love of music every since I was a small child. So when I got the chance to cover the Q&A, I leapt at it like a cheetah tackling a gazelle. But before the man of the hour relieved his smiling face, we were told that we would not get to get autographs unless we asked “good” questions. Two seconds later ensued a shuffle on chairs to jump onto the two microphones on the floor. Causing me to panic to think of a “good” question to ask my personal god. Luckily as the mass crowd of super nerds RAN to the microphone, I got golden news. Press gets to go first! But I felt bad for a girl, so I let in before me. The first few questions nearly put me to sleep. The same old same old, what was your inspiration, do you realize Final Fantasy VII would inspire so many people, and then it was my turn. And here was the question verbatim, ” Hello, I’m from the Ninja Legion. And the one question we really want to ask you is in the United States, what is your favorite beer?” Mind you I was a little nervous to say it, but at the same time we are the Ninja Legion. It’s how we roll. I don’t think I’ve ever heard an enter room laugh. He laughed, smiled and answered promptly, ” Samuel Adams.” Many more random questions, such as ” Have you ever cosplayed?” “Which do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?” A couple that caught my attention were,

“What video game music do you enjoy that isn’t your own?” “The music from Professor Layton.”

“We know you haven’t played all the Final Fantasy’s, but of the ones that you have played. Did you have a favorite character?”

The answer did make my soul cry. Aerith was the answer.

But soon it was time to stop asking the same thing, over and over again but in a different way. And I had to run to get my items to get signed and have all my inner nerdiness satisfied. With my trusty ticket, I walked around asking where I needed to go. And then I got to line cut and meet him for the second time. I was a lot less nervous this time around and actually spoke with him. He still had to get his translator but it was still fun and I didn’t shy away this time. But I had the golden ticket, I was the very last person to meet him!

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