OneUps Review at Otakon 2011

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OneUps ReviewAt a glance, The OneUps are like any other Nintendo era tribute band; an average looking collection of sincere nerds keeping true the source material that they grew up with an love. But take another look. Take a good hard look. Take a moment and actually listen as your favorite 8-Bit masterpieces get a little…funky. Yes, you heard me right, funky. This band gives you your cool and chills it to twenty below with a seemingly effortless integration of classic sounds, funk, jazz, and rock. Call it “Nintendo Neo-Soul” if you will. The One Ups bring you something truly original in a genre that is, at its roots, as original as it gets. Take everything you knew about the MIDI and 8-Bit music of your youth and utterly forget about them. Why, you ask? Well, The OneUps are about to make your childhood a hell of a lot more cool than you ever remember them!

Otakon 2011 Jam Space Playlist:

Punch Out
Sonic the Hedgehog
Super Mario Bros.
Legend of Zelda
Toe jam and Earl
Duck Tales
Guitaroo Man

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