Panel: League of Dirty Old Men

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The Ninja Legion presents the League of Dirty Old Men which is a group that discusses the Perverted Old Men in Anime, Manga & Video Games of the Past and Present. The LoDOM will also educate on the How To’s of becoming a Dirty Old Man, but also helps the ladies out with How to Avoid and/or defend against a Dirty Old Man.  We take a humorous look at dirty old men in general and poke fun at “dirty old men” that attend conventions.  We take the stereotype and “blow it out of water” with jokes, humor, and anything else out there!


  • This is a +18 panel due to language and content.


  • Anime USA 2011 – Friday Night @ 1am
  • Otakon 2011
  • Sangawa 2011
  • Katsucon 2011
  • Anime USA 2010
  • Otakon 2010 – Friday Night @ 12am


  • Otakon 2010 – Friday @ Midnight in Panel 5 (Hilton Key Ballroom 7-9-10) (Premier)

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