On-Air Personalities

Cecil Blade

Cecil is the resident Otaku Tech Nerd of the Ninja Legion. He is currently responsible for running the Legion. Cecil is Normally the butt of every joke and frequently brings torture upon himself. A connoisseur of anime, Cecil is known to be a CLAMP fan boy. A racing fanatic he is also a well rounded music enthusiast. Given his professional career, he has upgraded the Ninja Legion to the latest in Technology in order to provided the Fans the very best in coverage. Cecil skill at the world of corporate business has enable him to landed countless connection within the industry.

Favorite Anime: Slayers
Favorite J-Rock: M.O.V.E.
Favorite J-Pop: T.M.R.

Other Websites:


P-Chan is the resident nerd / Jack-of-all-Trades. As a free-lance writer/nerd personality, he can only bring insanity and a certain uncanny level of nerd cred to any situation. He will also drink you under the table and sex you up…at the same time. FTW!!

The Captain

The man, the myth, the legend, the beard!?

Alora Phacia

The small Asian of the legion. She’s also incredibly violent and loves anime like Elfen Lied, When they Cry, Baccano, and Shuffle. When she’s not lusting after Sephiroth she is normally sharing her love for zombies. A hardcore gamer chick that loves to play anything and everything! Just be careful, she will randomly attack you from time to time!


Spider A.K.A. The Public Insultant is one of the Legion’s primary operatives. When he’s not driving Cecil crazy, he is busy watching horror movies and listening to all kinds of music. A fan of more dark and twisted anime as well as anything that gets inside of your head some of his favorites include the .Hack// series, Deathnote, Fullmetal Alchemist, Serial Experiments Lain, Evangelion and Soul Eater. He is the journalist of the group and knows how to talk to people and find his way in to places. Many connections and several interviews have been made because of this skill. Always there with a sarcastic quip or off color comment, Spider definitely provides his fair share of comedy to the Legion.

Cliff Huxtable


BOOM!! *giggle*

Event Personalities

The Marshall

Senior member of the Ninja Legion, The Marshall serves as the head of our 18+ game show “It’s a Trap!”. Usually seen on staff at anime conventions, the Marshall is a Warhammer 40k fanatic and is frequently doing his best impersonation of an Imperial Commissar.


Pincer is considered to be the “senior” member of the Legion. Other members put a heavy emphasis on reminding him of his senior status on a regular basis. He’s also considered to be a “floater” when it comes to conventions. What does this mean? Well, due to his status as an active duty member in the military wherever he goes he checks out the conventions in the local areas. So he has a tendency to attend a few extra conventions here and there than most people. He’s a regular cosplayer, mainly doing video game characters (will be branching into more anime based ones in the future) and an a sci-fi costumer to boot. Then there’s his place of living. To people that know him, they just think of the apartment in The 40 Year Old Virgin. But it’s more heavily decorated in video game figures, and other crazy anime/video game paraphernalia. At cons he’s notorious for scrounging hard to find items when you least expect it. Cecil has unfortunately spent more money that he wants to think about whenever he’s with Pincer in a dealer’s room. Finally, never ever take Pincer hostage or use him as a human shield during Nerf gun wars. Cecil paid the price dearly for this and is forever scarred and possibly contaminated because of it.

Past Members


Cross was originally brought on as a photographer to provide concert and event coverage. However, his charisma, combined with his ability to promote an event enthusiastically enough to draw a crowd, upgraded him to being in charge of public relations and promotions as well.

When not at his full-time job, Cross runs Burst Method, a freelance photography business he started which he uses the proceeds from to pay off his student loans from college. Cross has provided concert coverage of performances by Hotspur, Kristine Sa, Home Made Kazoku, Echostream and 12012 as well as had his photography featured in various art galleries including the Maryland Art Place and the JSR Gallery.

In his spare time he can be found studying Japanese, playing the acoustic guitar, and watching martial arts movies.

Favorite Japanese Bands: UVERworld, YUI, L’arc-en-Ciel, AAA
Favorite Martial Arts Movies: Ip Man, Fighter in the Wind, Flashpoint
Favorite Animes: Kaze no Stigma, Full Metal Panic, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Personal Websites:
Burst Method
Steel Soul

Neko Oni

The original creator of the Ninja Legion. Normally he can be seen easily by the ears, tail, and WW2 bomber jacket or a white robe with a large golden dragon on the back. He was usually seen running around trying to get interviews with Une flailing behind. Now he is currently helping out with special Ninja Legion events.