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Welcome to The Ninja Legion Shop.  Here you can find the largest collection of nerd gear.  Anything ranging from our tech gadgets, DVD, Blu-Ray, Video Games, Tabletop Games Collection.  To the rare and hard to find items for your nerd shopping needs.  For all the Otaku out there, we do recommend checking out Right Stuf!, for all your needs.  Although you can definitely find the Japanese anime, video games, other items of the week that we mention on the show, in the shop below.

Shop - Right Stuf

Below is our online shop that has some of the main members of the Ninja Legion  personal collections, so that you can have the opportunity to own a very copy of what in their collection.  Make sure that you check out the our shop via the category section so you can shop your favorite Ninja Legion members collection.  You will also be able to find what The Ninja Legion members recommend in upcoming release and must haves.

If there is something you think we need to offer and it is not listed below, please reach out to us via our Contact Us page.

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