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In the wake of the events that have unfolded in Japan. We at the Ninja Legion sent our love and prayers to the people of Japan. That is why the Ninja Legion is teaming up with Trifecta, Anime USA, & Katsucon to help organize charity fund raiser to help out all the victims of the Earthquake and Tsunami. We will have more details within the very near future. However if you wish to donate now, you can go through one of the following organizations:

  • The American Red Cross is collecting funds on behalf of the Japanese Red Cross, which has deployed several response teams and is need of additional funding.
  • Shelterbox has launched a global online fund drive to help provide shelters for those displaced by the earthquake or tsunami.
  • The International Medical Corps has deployed an Emergency Response team and is in need of additional funding.
  • Global Giving has created a special Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund, which will aid organizations on the ground.
  • Convoy of Hope is working with the IMC to fund on-site teams.
  • The Salvation Army of America is collecting funds on behalf of the Salvation Army of Japan, who has deployed assistance teams to Tokyo and Sendai.

Special Thanks to Time Magazine for the Links.

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