The Ninja Legion @ Katsucon 2011

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Hey all,

We are here at Katsucon 17!! Getting ready for a hell of a time. If you see us walking around please stop us and say hello. Don’t forget we have 3 panels with us at Katsu.

TNL Panel – League of Dirty Old Men
TNL GameShow – Otaku Throwdown
TNL GameShow – Otaku Wanderer

Here is are planned schedule for Katsucon:

– 6pm Opening Ceremonies (Main Events)
– 7pm Maid Cafe (Pose Lounge)
– 8pm Funimation Sneak Peak (Live 2)

– 1am TNL GameShow Otaku Throwdown (Live 4)
– 2:30am TNL Panel League of Dirty Old Men (Live 2)
– 9am Bandai Entertainment Industry Panel (Live 2)
– 1:30pm Yunmao Ayakawa’s Nihon Maid (Live 2)
– 3pm Super Art Fight (Main Events)
– 3:30pm Funimation Industry Panel (Live 2)
– 6:30pm Masquerade & Trifecta Concert (Main Events)
– 10pm Lemon Drop Kick Con Concert (Main Events)
– 10pm TNL GameShow: Otaku Wanderer
– 11:30pm Trifecta Q & A

– 10am AMV Awards (Main Events)
– 12pm Katsucon Idol with Lemon Drop Kick (Main Events)
– 3pm Closing Ceremonies (Main Events)

Hope to see you there!

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