The Ninja Legion Podcast – 2012.04.01 – Tekkoshocon X, Ai Shinozaki, 8-bit Google

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The Ninja Legion is a group of fans dedicated to sharing the voice of the Otaku generation. We cover various anime conventions as well as concerts, cultural festivals and any other events tied to Japanese culture, anime and video games so that we may bring other fans the latest and greatest in Otaku news. We always speak our voice and give honest opinions of everything we take in. Our motto is “For the fans by the fans” and we want the true voice to be heard no corporate agendas or paid endorsements. In this week’s podcast we go over the following:

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– Tekkoshocon X Review
– Japanese Ghost Ship
– More hot water for Olympus
– Japanese Rolling Stones Booze?
– Dirty Pair Flash DVD!
– Ninja Scroll BluRay
– Another Legend Passes On
– Dafuq?
– Lone Wolf and Cub Live Action on the Way!
Ninja Prease: What do you think about developers saying that used game sales are destroying the gaming industry? Do you think that is the reason for all the DLC and subscription services for newer games? (P-Chan)
Ninja Prease: Given the combat characteristics of both the Tallgeese and the Zentradi female power armor which do you feel would be the superior Mecha in a fight? (Cable)
– HCotW: Ai Shinozaki
– HCotW: Akemi Higashi´╗┐
– CIotW: Portal Gun
– Upcoming Anime Releases
– Upcoming Video Game Releases
– Kick Start FTW
– 8-Bit Google Maps
– Sega Sinking…

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