TNL: Circle of Jerks – E002 – Nintendo Consoles

Tony Testerman Circle of Jerks 73 Comments

Circle of Jerks returns with Cecil, P-Chan, Spider and cl1ffhuxtable and they battle it out over which Nintendo Consoles are the best.

Circle of Jerks is a show centered around a particular Topic of the night and then each member is given the task of providing a solid argument on why they are correct.

Comments 73

  1. I’d like to see a segment on the worst best video games. Games that have terrible graphics, huge glitches, etc but you love to play them anyway.

  2. Post

    StarJammer, Thanks for the idea. We love this and will be putting together a show for this shortly. Make sure you follow us on our social sites so you get that updates on new episodes. Thanks for a great suggestion.

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