TNL: Console Wars – E004 – State of Nintendo Address 2014

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Join the Cecil, Cl1ffhuxtable, and Krackpype as they discuss all the changes that Nintendo is doing for 2014 in the latest edition of Console Wars.

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  1. Is downloading games for free rellay a legal practice, it can’t be. I mean if I can just get the game for free on the net, why shell out money for a Wii and use it’s virtaul console when the game is free for the pc ands a few clicks away. I mean if you are buying a Wii to get it’s full benefits then go ahead, buy one. But say you’re like me and just want the old games, the Wii would then be an expence I am exempt from. Is anyone getting behing these sites that offer roms or are they waiting for it to escallate as the illegal music/napster thing did almost a decade ago. They say that downloading these roms is technically not legal. It either is or isn’t. Another thing, they say that in order to download these games, you have to own then first. How in the hell can they enforce this. Nobody can see what NES games I have and my computer doesn’t so it can’t say it fobids me cause I don’t own it. My prediction, it’ll get out of hand before it’s too late. Will Nintendo try to stop this???

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    Shirley it is a very good question and an age old one at that. Downloading ROMs for any platform is only legal for the first 48 hours you have it, unless you own a licensed copy of the game, then you can keep its ROM. However, you’re completely correct that there is no real way to enforce ROMs. Yes, a company like Nintendo or Sega could come along and audit you, then you would have to answer for those ROMs. They are more than likely not going to come after an individual person but they would go after a business.

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