TNL: Last Ronin Podcast – 2013.08.25 – Ben Affleck!?, Arcade Revival, The Armory

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TNL_Samurai_Logo(Black)The Ninja Legion is a group of fans dedicated to sharing the voice of Nerdom. We cover various conventions as well as concerts, cultural festivals and any other events tied to world of Nerdom. Whether it’s Anime, Video Games, Comic Books, Science Fiction or beyond; all over the world. That we may bring others the latest and greatest in pertaining to the on-goings in the Nerdom world. We freely speak our minds and give honest opinions of everything we take in. Our motto is “For the fans by the fans” and we want the true voice to be heard, so no corporate agendas or paid endorsements. In this week’s podcast we go over the following:

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– First things first: So Ben Affleck is the new Batman/Bruce Wayne in Zack Snyder’s upcoming 2015 film, the tentatively named Superman Vs. Batman.
– What are other miscasts/surprisingly good actor portrayals that turned out well or poorly?
– Spoiler alert! What are some are some of your favorite movie or game endings that totally took you by surprise?
– Hooray for giant robots?
– The rise of intelligent and well written science fiction!?!
– Nintendo needs to start making some non-first party games. Here’s why:
– Why has no one really capitalized on the hand held market?
– Does anyone feel like the nerd culture has been handed over to the 30-40 and over men and 20 something models? What the fuck happened?
– Fan Girls. Sweet baby Jesus.
– Beware the venom coming not from wannabe’s, haters, and media but from other nerds and geeks. When your enemy looks just like you.
– Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to Retire. Microsoft. Stahp…Stahp…WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!? (Apparently, their best Square/Sony impression)
– The Pitch: By next show we will all sit down and present an indie game idea. I want themes, mechanics, and art styles to present to the audience.
– Gamescom 2013, world’s largest gaming convention, sold out yesterday.
– The anime scene has slowed down somewhat since recent years. The sheer volume of anime trickling into the states has dropped but quality has risen.
– Shadow of the Eternal, the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, fails to meet its funding goal of $750,000 reaching only $400,00.
– How to revive the arcade again.
– How Hollywood is becoming more open to well thought out sci-fi and fantasy.
– Impressive game Speed Runs
– A new Dr. Who AND another season of Sherlock Holmes!?! Damn you BBC. Damn you!
– Katee Sckhoff wants to be Harley Quinn

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