TNL: Last Ronin Podcast – 2013.12.15 – Godzilla, Steamboxes, Clusterfuck

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TNL_Samurai_Logo(Black)The Ninja Legion is a group of fans dedicated to sharing the voice of Nerdom. We cover various conventions as well as concerts, cultural festivals and any other events tied to world of Nerdom. Whether it’s Anime, Video Games, Comic Books, Science Fiction or beyond; all over the world. That we may bring others the latest and greatest in pertaining to the on-goings in the Nerdom world. We freely speak our minds and give honest opinions of everything we take in. Our motto is “For the fans by the fans” and we want the true voice to be heard, so no corporate agendas or paid endorsements. In this week’s podcast we go over the following:

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– The new trailer for the upcoming Godzilla just debuted. What do you think?
– Speaking of Americanized foreign films, was your favorite? Which did you hate?
– White washing in film. What is some of the worst white washing you’ve ever seen?
– Why we are destroying creativity in the next generation.
– Volvo putting 100 driverless cars on the road in Sweden
– Online privacy and you. AT&T says fuck you.
– Should we be teaching kids coding in school?
– The first 300 Steamboxes were released to Beta testers this week!
– YouTube game copyright crisis changes the landscape of the sight and online game reviewer’s way of life.
– Despite a record breaking November thanks to game releases like CoD:Ghosts, Battlefield 4, the Xbox One, and PS 4 technology sales are altogether down. Why?
– Rainbow 6: Patriots had to be totally rebuilt says North American Ubisoft president.
– Cards Against Humanity’s creators and game developers Game Sportsfriends have collaborated to create Clusterfuck, a sexy party game.
– With Christmas on it’s way, what are you hoping to get as a present? What are you gifting?

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