TNL: Last Ronin Podcast – 2014.01.19 – Nintendo’s Downfall, TNL Studio Crashes, Net Neutrality

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On this week’s episode of Last Ronin:

– Nintendo’s Iwata admits that the company is failing and continue but isn’t sure other platforms are the way to improve
– Where have the roving epics like Shadow of the Colassus gone?
– Pitch me a game (I want a game where you grow and create a world)
– The best Xbox Video parody pornography!
– The end of Net neutrality. What does it mean for gamers?
– A Swiss Company is turning cremation ashes into diamonds.
– A Swiss high school Normal Grieg is using The Walking Dead game to teach ethics
– Science Guy’ Bill Nye VS. Prominent Creationist: Their upcoming evolutionary battle
– Why are the Ultimate Comics better than the standard universe?
– Have you seen the mobile port of FF VI? Sad day…
– Apple will pay at least $32.5 million and change its billing practices
– Starting in 2015 Japan will start teaching foreign downloads
– The creator of Final Fantasy Tactics wants to create another one and it’s starting a Kick Starter to do it

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