Vamps Concert @ Baltimore/Otakon 2009

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Surprised by The Marshal with a ticket two days before con, before then I thought I’d never get to see this part of day zero of Otakon.  However, was greatly thankful for this surprise.

Walking up to Sonar with The Marshal, people must have been lined up outside the club since the morning. The line trailed around the building; however it wasn’t long before we got in. Sonar consists of two concert venues, one smaller hall and one larger one. The Vamps show was in the larger one, and for good reason, the room was crammed packed. I was near the front row to start. Staying close to The Marshal, I was hoping not to get too crushed before the show started. Waiting, waiting, it would seem the show wasn’t starting on time. The room was growing increasingly hot and humid, some fangirls were trying to cram their way even tighter up front making the crowd grow even more crushing.  The guy next to me kept pulling on my hair every time he moved.  The girl behind me gave me a hair tie but the crowd was so packed I couldn’t reach; she was nice enough to put my hair up for me.  It was getting hard to breath in the thick sticky air and I was starting to feel a bit light headed. I lean against The Marshal as he asks if I’m alright. The clock strikes around the forty-five minute mark. And a few girls around me have passed out and were carried over the crowd to the front. I wave over one of the staff for water for the girl next to me, she looked weak and winded. Though the wait, the crowd became like family and helped those in need and kept one another comforted. Some began to chant for Vamps and scream “Hyde don’t hide!”

At the one hour mark, Vamps bursts onto stage and the crowd blows up. There’s a sudden rush towards the front and I’m torn away from The Marshal’s protection and slammed against the front rail. The crowd is pushing so hard the wind is knocked out of me, however Vamps is just inches away. I reach out my hand.

The inner fangirl kicks in, Hyde! Kas!.Wow, you’re so close! The show rocked Sonar like it’s never been rocked before. The crowd was literally admitting steam. The Sonar staff was pouring bottles of water on the first few rows.  At some points, Kas was also pouring water on the crowd. My eyes felt starry as Kas dumped water over me. Though my white button down school girl shirt was clinging to me in sweat and dampness, it felt so good.

At a few points during the performance, Kas was so close I could nearly reach out and touch his guitar. Kas was also throwing out guitar picks like candy and fans went bonkers scrambling for them.  However during the set, the crowd went most nuts when Vamps preformed the song hit “Trouble” Everyone bounced up and down as one. Hyde brought back his famous quote of “Do you like crabs?” and also telling the audience of his story of watching the harbor “ ..watching ..looking ..watching..”

For encore, Hyde came out with no shirt, which left for many happy squees from fangirls. The band also did an epic cover of The Beatles ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds “While leaving the stage, Hyde high- fiving members of the audience , slapping my hand.

I caught up with the Marshal outside the club who had admitted defeat against the fangirls, his feet were sore from getting trampled on by too many high heels.

“Did you enjoy the show?” Marshal said as his huge hand patted me on the head.

I smile in happiness in that Uney Bunny sort of way “You bet I did! This was very sweet of you, thank you again!”

“I’m glad.” He smiles. “Let’s go get some food now..”

In closing , hells yes the show was awesome, epic, a once and a life time Vamps coming back again ?

~ Lady Une

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