Website User Purge @ TNL

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Website UserIn preparation of the podcast starting back up in the next couple of weeks.  I wanted to make sure that the main site was up to par with updates and functionality.  Much to my surprise the website had been overrun by bot/spammers user registrations.  If you haven’t guess by the picture posted in this article, this has put me in an mood.  This has cause me to do some major changes in user registration and a massive purge of website user accounts.

What does this mean for all of our loyal listeners and fans?  Hopefully nothing, however there might be a chance that your account may have been purged.  Although I took very good care not to delete any active account on the site.  I would like you all to take a moment and verify that your account is functional.  Please visit the Login Page, if you find you’re having issues logging in and the password reset does not work.  Please drop me a line via the Contact Page with your username.

Thank you all for your understanding and I know we all here at The Ninja Legion, look forward to seeing you soon.

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