Ten Things I Want to see in Gaming Before I die.

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Gamer Grave1 ) I want to see a Super Mario origins game. How the hell did Mario and Luigi end up in the Mushroom Kingdom? What was he up to before that? These are the questions I want answered. How epic would it be if Miyamoto-san were to tell us how this all started? In case you were wondering, the answering is fan-fucking-tastic. Word.

2 ) I want to see a Legend of Zelda game where you play as Princess Zelda to save Link. We’ve played as Link for 20 plus years and its been, by all means, quite the ride. But what would happen if the Tri-Force of Wisdom had to save the Tri-Force? I would love to see what exactly the Tri-Force of Wisdom can do. Wouldn’t you?

3 ) I want to see a Starship Troopers first person shooter. If you’ve ever had the joy of watching the 1997 film of the same name, you will understand why this FPS would be one hell of a game. Hundreds and hundreds of insects rushing a small platoon of marines with just grenades and an automatic weapon on their planet would make for the most thrilling of LAN parties of all time. With a breakneck combat speed and an unrivaled number of enemy combatants in play at the same time, it would soon become a gaming addiction.

4 ) I want see a Gundam game that doesn’t suck. I mean, come on. Konami gave us Zone of Enders. Why the hell can’t Sunrise give me a less than half ass Gundam game?!? This is too easy. I am such a Gundam fan that I won’t get into this. I will just say, Sunrise better get its shit together. I would even settle for a Gundam: Unicorn game. Maybe…

5 ) Where is my fully 3-D Pokemon? Why this game hasn’t been made yet is beyond me. Pokemon has had all of the core anime components for years now and Nintendo done with it? Nothing. How easy would a 3D Pokemon be? Imagine using your Wii remote to throw Pokeballs. I would kill to run around in an open ended Johto world and catch’em all. Wouldn’t you?

6 ) I already know there was a 3-D Mega Man (i.e Mega Man Legends) but where have they been in the past years? Capcom needs to get off its ass and give me a 3D Mega Man X or Zero so I can p’own the hell out of xenomorphic and quite possibly androgynous renegade robots. Just the way God intended it.

7 ) Where is my Disney Adventures game? The same way Square Enix combined its best selling RPG (Role Playing Game) characters with Disney is the same treatment I would love to see with all of those great 90’s cartoons like ala Rescue Rangers, Duck Tales, Tale Spin, and Darkwing Duck. I remember all of those fantastic cartoons and NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) of old and loving every minute of it. Come on. You still would.

8 ) This may sound strange but I would love to play a game running the Crytec engine where you get to play as a predator. No, I’m not talking the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie predator of sci-fi fame. I’m talking a lion stalking prey on the savanna. Even better would be if you were able to play as different predators in different regions of the world. Hell, it would even be cool if you were able to play as the prey too. Could you imagine being in control a rabbit and being forced to forage as you must worry about an impending predator attack from the air, ground, and sometimes even water!?!

9 ) I know its already been debated and argued but I would truly enjoy a Final Fantasy 7 remake. Sony already teased us with a technical demo a few years ago. Admit it. You would pay whatever Square Enix asked for this game. I mean really. If Cecil Blade paid that much money for the special edition of Gran Turismo 5. Imagine how much he would pay for a Redux of Final Fantasy 7.

10 ) I want a revival of the arcade. I want to see people going through quarters like it will revive our economy. I want to relive my 80’s memories of arcade anarchy. I want to have my paycheck converted to quarters so that I can spend my Saturday’s, not getting laid, but laying the dick down in some Street Fighter. I say call Obama and tell him the only way to save our economy is to revamp the arcade industry. Woo!

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  1. Hell I bought the GT5 special edition myself. 😀 **lol** I usually buy the special editions of games that come out that I want!!

    I definitely like the Starship troopers idea. Nothing says bug hunt than pasting a bug with a pocket nuke!

    And same with arcades. I miss the dang things. No online horse crap with little kids being dicks and jerk offs that just spam on fighting games. You show up, throw in your two credits and show what you’re made of in person. If you couldn’t get to an arcade then tough titty!!

  2. A Response to # 8 there was a game like that it was called Frycry. Now, I’m talking about the original one on Xbox. It was an awesome game none the less. Map editor too dare i say better than the forge?

  3. P-Chan, do yourself the favor of picking up (or borrowing) a Dreamcast and Gundam Side Story 0079. It’s the best Gundam game I’ve ever played: 1) It’s a Gundam game; 2) It’s actually in first-person; 3) Rather than focusing on White Base and the main cast, it throws you into a remote theater of operations as a member of a mobile suit squad; 4) It actually feels like you’re piloting a huge, metal mecha. I wouldn’t call it cumbersome (It’s no Steel Battalion, which I also own), but it feels authentic.

  4. There is a Starship Troopers FPS for the PC. It’s pretty good, but not great. Still a fun play

  5. yeah, but look at the other reviews on the side. Reader reviews, as well as other sites, review it a little higher. some of the complaints are valid, voice acting sucks, and they complain about boring missions…but the missions is because ur doing what they do 90% of the movie, killing hordes of bugs lol. If you want the feel of being swarmed by thousands of bugs, while running backwards, shooting, to escape the horde, and take as many down as you can, this game took care of you.

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